Gilberto Leon


Gilberto “Luigi” Leon is a Successful Entrepreneur, Solar Energy Advocate, Real Estate Investor-Developer, Author, Speaker and Coach. He started his career in Real Estate in 2004 as a Mortgage Loan Officer, then a Real Estate Sales Agent and now an Investor and Developer. He is also Living out his Mission and Purpose in Helping Others Achieve Financial Freedom through Different Vehicles, Especially Real Estate. His Book “Prosperity Via Real Estate” a 30-day Step by Step Guide in becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor has helped many achieve success in Real Estate Investing. Luigi’s straight forward strategies and techniques will assist anyone, no matter their Level of awareness achieve success and reach their maximum potential. Luigi is also an inspirational speaker moving audiences wherever he goes with his teachings of Faith and the Philosophy That Your Thoughts Create Your Life and ultimately the Results you are currently experiencing. Gilberto is the President and CEO of Prosperity Group, the mother company of PG Studio Inc, PG Homes and PG Solar, all dedicated to green development, sustainable construction, architecture and Solar energy.

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