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project development 1

Project Development

We plan and follow the necessary stages of the project in a structured manner to achieve a successful completion, from zoning research to project management.

design development 3

Design Development

This schematics design phase is essential to determine the goals and requirements of the project. Sustainability is an important part of our design philosophy. We provide consultation and solutions for sustainable strategies to be integrated in the overall design.

plans development 3

Plans Development

Our team includes excellent professionals to develop working drawings for permitting and construction, such as Architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineering.



We perform and supervise every step of the project to maximize client satisfaction and ensure quality in an efficient and timely manner.

interior design

Interior Design

Interior design services are provided for every space, including furnishings, colors, accessories, finishes, and art work.



The Panel System is also engineered to solve the main concerns facing today’s building market-scarcity of skilled labor, quality materials, air infiltration, and energy efficiency.

3d renderings

3D renderings and animations

We provide an array of 2D and 3D services, from generating 3D models, to realistic renderings, animations and even virtual tours.


Green consulting

We provide consultation to identify the appropriate strategies for sustainability for every project and for green certifications.

mark and brand

Project Branding and Marketing

We can help any developer to the very last stage, including developing branding and marketing for the project at hand.

Public Speaking

There’s a big element of educating the public in what we do. We can help you convey the sustainability message in your event.

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