Structural System

Our pre fabricated Concrete Structural Insulated Panel System provides a well- engineered alternative to conventional lumber framing systems for residential and light commercial structures. The system offers builders and homeowners mold and moisture resistance, superior energy efficiency, plus quick and easy construction. Standard 41⁄2” or 61⁄2” thick panels in lengths of 8’ 1 / 8”, 9’ 1 / 8” or 10’ 0” consisting of two surfaces of 1⁄4” thick cement skins laminated to a high density 2# per cubic foot Expanded Polystyrene core. We can also offer special panel lengths up to 20’ available.

Smart home system

Pre-fab Panel

Solar Panels

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Rain water collection

Solar Water Heater

The exterior concrete board

Is composed of a lightweight concrete core embedded, front and back, with a woven fiberglass mesh. It has been proven to be unaffected by mold and moisture for over 25 years. The skins also provide a high impact-resistant surface for both the interior and exterior faces of the panels.

With the concrete facings, the Panels are ready to finish. Inside panel surfaces are taped at joints with fiberglass drywall tape and finishing compound, then feathered to create a seamless joint. The panel surface may be skim-coated with lightweight drywall compound and then finished with primer and paint or wallpaper. Exterior finish options are unlimited and include textured exterior finishes, stucco, brick or stone, and any number of exterior siding systems.

The Concrete Structural Insulated Panel System offers design flexibility and ease of construction. Using simple tools, a crew of only a few workers can typically erect the walls in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional framing. This adds up to fewer delays and a quicker overall construction cycle.