Paola Garcia

VP/Lead Architectural Designer

Paola Garcia is an architect and visual artist from Maracaibo, Venezuela, and currently resides in Miami Florida. After receiving a Bachelors degree in Architecture and Visual Arts in FIU in Miami Florida, she concentrated in developing PG Studio, an art, architecture, and interior design studio that has done residential and commercial projects both locally and internationally. Her art, which has been in solo and group exhibitions, is a fusion of painting and sculpture, where sculpture dominates due to its three-dimensionality. Her architectural background is very present in her art, which is characterized not only by the “what”, but mainly by the “how”, since it is based in materials that work according to architectural principles such as tension, compression, juxtaposition, penetration, transparency, translucency and the play between solid and void. The materials are mixed, using natural materials such as wood, bamboo, clay, feathers and different organic fibers, counterbalanced by modern materials like metals, resins, acrylics, fabric and newspaper. The true essence of her work is found in the mixture of materials, textures and colors to create a balanced composition that transmits the warmth of nature through a different and modern aesthetic.

In all truth, my style derives from the aptitude of accepting mistakes with the ability of perceiving that they didn’t necessarily happen to destroy, but to transform, so that what we initially considered as a mistake, turns out to be a wonderful example of natures true beauty and complexity. I realized that a piece of wood I broke by error, looked more beautiful and interesting to me that when it was carefully sanded and polished. I understood it was my challenge to highlight its “imperfections”, the grain of the wood, the direction and color of its movement, its broken fibers… all of this transformations that with my help would be turned in beautiful pieces of art.

In lack of better word’s than Paul Cezanne’s, “Art is a harmony parallel with nature”. This is the basic message I want to convey. My intentions are to remind people of nature, in the midst of modern saturation of technology. My art is a series of visual attempts of conciliation in the battle between nature, man and technology. My creative process tries to make this battle become a dance.

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